Vegan Pesto Pasta Guidance

The Vegan Pesto Pasta with more Veggies Guidance please Click Here


  • Serves: 1~2 people
  • Prep: 10M
  • Cooking: 10M
  • Difficulty: EASY
  • Type: Vegan (The good reasons of going Vegan Link)



Pesto Sauce

  1. Toast Pine nuts for 3-5 mins
  2. Combine Olive oil, pine nuts into the blender
  3. Combine Black Pepper、Salt、Sweet basil、Basil in to the blender
  4. Put Olive oil over the top to preserve the fresh



  1. Stir in the Big Beef Tomatoes with Onion
  2. Boil the pasta on to cook 
  3. Stir Pesto, Pasta, Big Beef Tomatoes, and Onion together


Cooking Instruction( Mandarin)



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