Skiing/ Snowboarding in the North America

It’s a great experience to go skiing in the North America. I live in North California, and luckily I have been to the Ski resort several times in the winder. For me, skiing is “Luxury” and “Upper Class” sports. But if you know how to save budget, you will still have fun to enjoy this local activity. Before the introduction, here’s the Ski picture as below. Try to imagine you are here, isn’t it fantasy? 

Northstar 1
Pic: Insidesocal

1. Ski Rental

The total budget for buying ski will be around $500~$700. If you are a on the tight budget, I recommend you can go for a Ski Rental. Take North California as an example, I went to the Sports Basement

Rental 1

Rental 2
There are different seasonal equipment such as skiing, snow board and camping in Sports Basement . Ref: Baycityguide

1.1 Rental Fees

Skiing Snowboard
Adult Children Adult Children
Day $35 $25 $35 $25
Weekend $55 $35 $55 $35
Weekday $90 $70 $90 $70
Seasonal $190 $150 $190 $150

Info Ref:Sportsbasement


2. Ski Equipment purchasing

Readers can either go Amazon to purchase.

3. Ski Equipment

It’s important to have the equipment as below.

3.1 Wind-proof, Water- proof coat and Snow Pants

It will keep your lower body dry and comfortable. I recommend Columbia, and price is around $99~$300.


Ref : Amazon

3.2 Ski and Snowboard Googles

It can offer some basic protection from wind and cold, and also some sands and tree sticks. I purchase the Ski Googles from Amazon. Here are my recommand brands: BolleZionor, price is around $17~$46.


3.3 Ski and Snowboard Helmets

It will keep your head warmth, and also prevent  your head “kiss ” the trees or ground badly. I bought my helmet in Amazon and here are my recommend brands: GiroSmith OpticsLucky Bums. The price is around $20~$70


3.4 Ski and Snowboard Gloves

It will keep your head warmth, and also prevent  your head “kiss ” the trees or ground badly. I bought my helmet in Amazon.

Ref : Amazon

3.5 Ski and Snowboard Socks

The thick Ski socks will collect moisture to your foot and keep your foot warm. I purchased them in Amazon.

Ref : Amazon

3.6 Other Equipment :GoPro

When you’re skiing, snowboarding, bringing your GoPro camera to new heights is always a great idea! Price is around $200~$400



4. Checking the best timing to go skiing

Checking via Google or before going to skiing.

Snow condition

4.1 Preparing the snow chains

Sometimes the government will ask the car to put on the snow chains if the cars are heading to the mountains.

4.2 Fees

The price of snow chains are around $90~$100. The price is around $70~$90 in supermarket. I recommend you can purchase in Amazon, the fees is around $450~$70. Here’s the professional person to help us to put on the snow chain.

Snow Chains

5. Ski Season Pass (以北加州為例)

5.1 Season Pass price

Tahoe Local Pass Tahoe Value Pass 
Adult (13 +) $529 $449
Teenager $419 $369
Children $269 $219
Resorts Heavenly, Northstar, Kirkwood Heavenly, Northstar, Kirkwood
Black-out date 11/25/16-11/26/16, 12/26/16-12/31/16, 1/14/17, 2/18/17-2/19/17. Heavenly, Northstar, Kirkwood, Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Keystone, Park City & Arapahoe Basin are excluded 11/25/16-11/26/16, 12/26/16-12/31/16, 1/14/17, 2/18/17-2/19/17. Heavenly, Northstar, & Kirkwood are excluded


5.2 Single ticket (Take Northstar as an example)

One day pass Two days pass Three days pass
Expiration date same day use two times in 3 consecutive days use three times in 5 consecutive days
Adult (19~64 years old) $150 $300 $420
Children (5~12 years old) $89 $178 $249
Teenagers (5~12 years old) $123 $246 $345
Elderly (more than 65) 123 $246 $345

As above, it will make more sense to buy the season pass if you are going the resort more than 4 days. Ref:OntheshowNorthstarcalifornia

Storage types (Take Northstar as an example)

Small/ Medium Large Extra large
Size It can fit lunch, Shoes, Jacket It can fit lunch, shoes, jacket( bigger room) It can fit skiing/ snow board. 
Fees $9/day $11/day First day free, second day $5/day



  1. I recommend to change to skiing shoes / snow board shoes before going to the top of the mountain. As you will take shuttle or cable car, and it could also save the space for your shoes storage.
  2. Some resorts, such as Northstar, provide the whole season storage service. However you should join the member and the fees will be around $2,800. I don’t have too much budget so I decided to go for hand-carrying every time. :P
Private Locker
VIP Storage, Pic Ref: Northstar

6. Skiing Trails (North America) 

  • Green – Easy trail.
  • Blue – Intermediate trail.
  • Black – Difficult Trail.

If you are the super beginner, I recommend you go for the coach, practice for few days, and then finally go to Green! 

Ski school
Ski course in Northstar. Pic Ref:Squawalpine
Snow trails
Trails in Northstar. Pic Ref: Northstarcalifornia




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